Jesse Pohlman

Thanks for being curious enough to start digging a little deeper; I hope I’ll keep your interest!

I grew up in Freeport, New York. I’m a creative soul who is married and has two cats. This site is primarily for folks to come by, discover my work, discover who I am, and see if they’d like to dive into an adventure of their choice!

I tend to have two different categories of writing; fiction and non-fiction. …Wait, that’s kind of how all writing works. Let me try again: I write either fantastical science-fiction stories wherein you, dear reader, might find yourself following a character who wields a magical sword against a twelve foot tall bipedal robot; or, when I write non-fiction, I tend to focus on political and news-worthy material that is (so I’d like to believe) well-researched and focused on finding solutions to problems.

If you’re interested in picking up one of my novels, please head over to the Books section on your top-bar! As for a small selection of my publication history, I’m truly honored to have been featured at: The Hill published both an article of mine on Gerrymandering, and an article about amending the Electoral College ; I’ve earned a Daily Kos Community Spotlight for my analysis of King Salman upon his ascent to the Saudi throne; my good friend Jason Bass and I had our Hurricane Sandy coverage featured by Yahoo News, I curated and maintained a hyper-local publication called The Weekly Freeporter for five years, where I still occasionally post about events.