Jesse Pohlman

Thanks for being curious enough to start digging a little deeper; I hope I’ll keep your interest!

I’m currently an independent author who grew up in Freeport, New York. I’m a creative soul who is married and has two cats. This site is primarily for folks to come by, discover my work, discover who I am, and see if they’d like to dive into an adventure of their choice!

First off, a little bit about me.

Well, I’m about to hit 35 years old as of October 2019, so that’s fun! I earned my BA in History from Adelphi University in 2006, and followed it up with an MA in Secondary Education in 2007. Then, I went on to get a BA in English from Queens College in 2009. I spent a while in the education field, primarily working with children with special needs but also running my own classrooms.

Besides writing, I enjoy aquatics (I teach Water Safety Instruction, AKA swim lessons), I love getting outside once in a while to play some Tennis or walk amongst some trees, and I’m a little bit politically active, to boot. “A little bit” may be underselling it. I’m also an avid video game nut, with a range from Battlefield to Brigandine, from Crusader Kings 2 to Doom Eternal.

If you find yourself in a position to work with me, I like to plan things out ahead of time as much as I can, and then take that plan and use it as little more than a road-map because I’ve learned the hard way (too many times!) that plans always wind up needing to be changed because life is highly unpredictable. I like to come up with strategies and protocols, and then apply them to achieving our shared goals. If I set a deadline, I do everything in my power to reach it and then some; otherwise, I try to maintain flexibility throughout the planning process. I am always open to collaborating, and I will always listen to and value whatever input I get, even if I don’t fully agree! After all, I can’t expect everyone to agree with me, can I?

I cherish my friends and family above all else. If I’ve gotten to know you, then you know I’m a bit reserved most of the time, but even if I don’t talk very often, I always remember what it is we’ve shared over the time we’ve known each other.

My Writing

It’s something of a cliche to just declare, “I’ve been writing my whole life!” but I really did start at about the age of 12, getting hooked on AOL 3.0 and little chat-room Roleplaying Games (Long Live Rhy’Din!) my friends and I would collaborate to create; this habit progressed into to short stories and taking creative writing classes in high school, and carried on with time spent at Adelphi’s college newspaper The Delphian, and my dabbling with some college classes on creativity and literature analysis, to boot. If that makes it sound a little like writing is an addiction, well, I’m lucky that there’s no rehab for such a thing, I suppose!

I tend to embrace two different categories of writing; fiction and non-fiction. …Wait, that’s kind of how all writing works. Let me try again: I write either fantastical science-fiction stories wherein you, dear reader, might find yourself following a character who wields a magical sword against a twelve foot tall bipedal robot; or, when I write non-fiction, I tend to focus on political and news-worthy material that is (so I’d like to believe) well-researched and focused on finding solutions to problems.

If you’re interested in picking up one of my novels, please head over to the Books section on your top-bar! As for a small selection of my publication history, I’m truly honored to have been featured at: The Hill published both an article of mine on Gerrymandering, and an article about amending the Electoral College ; I’ve earned a Daily Kos Community Spotlight for my analysis of King Salman upon his ascent to the Saudi throne; my good friend Jason Bass and I had our Hurricane Sandy coverage featured by Yahoo News, I curated and maintained a hyper-local publication called The Weekly Freeporter for five years. I also write and produce a Youtube channel called “Dystopian Review,” where I analyze Dystopian literature; right now I’m doing the Terminator franchise (Primarily the Sarah Connnor Chronciles TV show), and I’m adding in story elements as we go. You can click that section on the top-bar for more information!

My Goals

Ultimately, my number-one goal is to leave readers feeling like they’ve made new friends, gone on adventures, and discovered some new ideas about either the real world, the way you can come up and engage with fictional ones, or even just some warm feelings about the quests and characters they’ve just spent time with.

I suppose every writer also wants to “change the world,” but since it’s a truly rare thing for an author to have a world-wide reach, I think I’d rather settle for just, “influencing your world.” After all, a better world is built one person at a time!