Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Here's how to install a Kindle on almost any device! Also, a sale!

Hello, friends!

Happy holidays, whatever you celebrate!

If you’re a fan of writing and reading, you probably know of the Amazon Kindle, a device which lets you read books on it. You may have even gotten one of those for Christmas, upon waking up this morning! (I believe in good timing) For many of you, however, you got a new personal computer (PC), or maybe a new Samsung phone, or a Macbook, or…Something else! And while you might be a big reader, you might also conclude that even though digital books are cheap and Kindle has a lot of them, you didn’t get a Kindle device, hence you can’t access the Kindle market!

Here’s one weird trick that Amazon actually is surprisingly okay with you knowing: You can install a Kindle application on just about any electronic device, not just a Kindle device!

Step one? Go to this link, which is to an official Amazon page dedicated specifically to installing a Kindle application on any device!

Step Two? Click the applicable download button for your device - for example, the Get On Google Play button if your phone operates on Android!


Step Three? Download the appropriate software and, boom, you’ve got a kindle on your PC, App Store, or whatever! On PC, it’s a big app that’ll take up a full screen and offer plenty of reading options, including “Bookerly,” which I think works well enough.

Step Four? Click the Kindle Store button, as highlighted below, to bring up the most direct route to buying new books!


Step Five? Buy a book, enjoy!

It really is that simple to turn any device you own into a Kindle, and this trick will help save you money as you indulge in the ever growing market for digital reading! (At least until I start putting novels in paperback again, anyway…)

I hope this holiday brings you & yours the absolute best.

Jesse Pohlman is an author from Long Island, New York. If you’re interested, his Amazon Author Page can be found here, where he’s got plenty of books available on Kindle - and with many first-in-a-series available for free on December 25, 2018!

P.S. If you’re curious why they do this, it’s probably got to do with them wanting as many potential customers as possible for their bread-and-butter, digital distribution. Even if you only pay a dollar for a book, a huge percentage, or at least 30% of the sale cost, goes to Amazon for helping to make the connection between writer and reader. They’re just expanding their possible customer list. That’s not a bad thing, honestly.