New Release And Fan Q&A! (PotK2 Second Edition!)

Hello, world!

This is honestly my first major post on the site, and I hope you enjoy your stay. As the headline suggests, I have just released a Second Edition of Pillars Of The Kingdom: The Search For The Four (Volume 2) on the Amazon Kindle platform. It contains what I hope are substantial and enjoyable improvements to the original text, without significantly altering the plot. If you’re interested in meeting the characters, this link takes you to a list of character bios with amazing character portraits from the great Cecelia Ivy-Marie Price, who I suspect would love to do commissions! (Fine print: Cecela’s work is on the right; the left was done by Kevin E. Clark)

I also did a promotional Q&A/AMA where I took some friend and fan questions and answered them directly. (As directly as I could, anyhow!)

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed helping me become a better creator. Thank you!