Addressing Anti-LGBTQ+ Silliness On 9/11.

I wrote this in response to a since-taken-down post in a local community Facebook group, about a concern about a possible (I haven't really verified, because my issue is w/the concern itself) TV episode being filmed in the area on 9/11/2019. Apparently there's a TV show episode being filmed at a local business, a business which was, for the purposes of the show, staged-up to be a gay bar; and with the owner encouraging people to come through for a free drink to celebrate Pride. I guess the Original Poster (OP) figured that somehow this was a sign of disrespect to the fallen?

I'm not gonna dive into the details, here, or even name any names, because it's not about that, and given that it's been taken down, maybe (hopefully) that person realized they made a mistake with their take. However, I do want to keep my eyes on the prize, here.

A respondent to the post brought up Trump's secret little engagement with the Taliban that fell through, and that point was dismissed by OP as allegedly unrelated. I was mid-response when the post got pulled, but I wanted to get this down, because this seems important, and since there’s two phases to this incident I want to cover both:

Let's be honest with ourselves for just one minute: As President, you don't invite the -still- unrepentant Aiders & Abetters of Osama Bin Laden & Al Qaeda's attack on the United States back on September 11, 2001, over to a secret Camp David meeting on the eighteenth anniversary of the attack. That's right; for those who mature into their eighteenth year and - for example - gain the right to vote on the fate of the wars that began that day, they were born that day; their literal date-of-birth being the date of the said attack on the United States, and arguably the date-of-death of their potential futures. Even if for some reason, as President, you do invite them over? Definitely, definitely do not cancel in a petulant way, at least not if you're genuinely seeking peace. (If this seems incoherent, put it together as a little mental exercise, and see what you come up with!)

If there is ONE person in the United States whose patriotism must be questioned on this day - if, indeed, doing such a thing is at all ethical in any way, on this most sacred of days - it must be President Donald Trump's.

I'm not about to question yours. That's not for me to do; that's why I trust that you will see the moral outrage with that situation, as well, yes?

As to your original concern - Here's a reason why this may be a very -good- thing, if you for some reason worry that their memory may be defiled by this act: If (haha) I were some sort of creator, wouldn't I – perhaps? - consider conceiving of some sort of episode about (directly or indirectly) 9/11 set at an LGBTQ+ bar (or ice cream place; or, you know, whatever) if, sayyy, I have characters who were young gay men? Because if we're going to spend any one day caught up in political hand-wringing about whether a gay bar couldn't, say, have some sort of plot-wise relation to the remembrance of that attack, and if that day is going to be considered sanctified and blessed, than it -should- be featured in all media in a positive, context-sensitive light? Like that couldn't be worked into a TV show, somehow?

Because if nothing else, I'd want to write that scene; I just don't quite have the characters for it. Yet. ...Maybe. Or, maybe I do!

Never mind that there’s nothing at all wrong or questionable with LGBTQ+ community places, by the way. I’m sure the concern is that this is a Long Island, New York business choosing to get ‘dressed up’ on the anniversary of 9/11, and a possible fear that in doing so people may disrespect the fallen, but if you assume that those who have died since that date, fighting wars “for our freedom,” sacrificed specifically so that people in America - including in our community - can be free to live as they wish, well, here we are.

Thank you for reading.

Blessed be the fallen; may Divinity grant them peaceful rest.