Physics Incarnate

Emmmet Eisenberg was a seemingly-ordinary professor of Physics at (the entirely fictional) Catskill Community College. By his mid-thirties, he’d settled in to a fairly routine line - he was dating the associate chair of the Psychology department, Maria Montclaire, had a comfortable salary leaving him wanting for nothing, and had students who tried even when they failed. A chance visit from his old friend Jethro Marx changed all of that. Suddenly, Emmett was having dinner with his old colleagues who he’d worked with at Connor Point, a now-defunct research facility in Africa. Maria’s amusement with Emmett’s friends began to shift when one of them started talking about his freelance work with the CIA. When Emmett’s former colleague Erica Hall reveals to her what led to Connor Point’s cancellation, Maria is unable to cope with Emmett’s history and the new dangers that seek to put an end to his happiness - and his life.

Suddenly, Emmett is thrust back into a hellscape of working with other super-human people who had just wanted to escape to a better life, and he and his old collaborators discover that they are far from the only people on Earth who have abilities that far exceed that of normal people. As he finally takes responsibility for his deeds, Emmett and his friends are called upon to investigate strange radio signals coming out of a private laboratory in Alaska. Calling upon their un-natural abilities, will Emmett’s power to re-shape inanimate matter at whim turn out to be the world’s salvation, or will he turn out to be too weak and too unwilling to complete the task?


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If the little teaser above interests you, that’s great! Are you ready to join Emmett on his journey to finally redeem himself? Do you like it when the world is imperiled by super-powered freaks?

…Well, for that second one, you should probably reconsider. After all, there’s no clear reason why these characters have these powers. There’s no unusual genetics, no consistent F-MRI revelations about their powers, they’re just normal people with unusual abilities who have all got skeletons in their closets, and guess what? They control your fate! What happens when they use their powers for political gain, or when they lose control of their patience?

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Emmett Eisenberg

Emmett Eisenberg

COMING SOON: Physics Trincarnate

Following the events of Physics Reincarnate, this story follows Saffron Latchkey as she struggles to decide what her role in the shadowy conflict between the New Consortium of Trust and The Coleman Group will be. As Erica Hall’s ambitions are realized, and as Andrew Coleman’s plans come to fruition, her friends in the New Consortium are proving increasingly unable to respond to the dangers being presented from terrorists and the power-hungry, alike.

Loathing violence and scarred by fire, how will Saffron handle things when she receives her own “Black Folder” and learns the truth about her parents’ death?