Originally conceived up as part of the 2012 National Novel Writing Month, the Protostar series features Lahira Ocean, a plucky Human from the planet Magellan who is ‘lucky’ enough to be the Chief Navigator of the battleship George Washington when it makes the fourth known contact with a new alien species. Unlike the Aquarians, Firions, and Automatons, this new interstellar neighbor does not bring peace, strength, or neutrality to the universe; rather, it draws Lahira into the jowls of her fate.

All novels are available in Kindle format; as of 11/25/2018 Memoirs of the Messenger is available in Paperback.


Protostar: Memoirs Of The messenger (Book One)

Ensign Lahira Ocean is the chief navigator of the Human battleship, the "George Washington." Born on the world Magellan, she comes from a wealthy family and joined the fleet as a precursor to her future as a trade magnate; aside from astronomic charts and hyper-drive calculations, she studies history as a pass-time as well as a rationalization for her circumstances. She regularly muses retirement, despite her incredible skill in military affairs. Fate intervenes when another world, Hudson, picks up an group of alien ships heading straight for it. The "George Washington" is deployed to help handle this initial contact, but the exact nature of the response is as shocking as it is stereotypical of a 20th or 21st century science-fiction epic!

Now, Lahira has little choice but to accept command of a brand new generation of ship, one born just on the temporal edge of a war unlike any Mankind has seen before. Bringing together a hard-nosed specialist in military doctrine, a free-wheeling reformed space pirate, a nonchalant communications expert, and her own chief rival as a chief navigator, can the now-Captain manage to survive her own crew long enough to face the alien menace? What has made these foreigners so ready to wage war against any species it meets? Will she be up to the task of leading the counter-attack against these mysterious Orphans?


Protostar: An Automatic Apocalypse. (Book Two)

Lahira Ocean is the Captain of the Messenger, a cutting-edge Cruiser defending Humanity and its allies against an alien race called The Orphans. After a hectic battle at the planet Gagarin, Lahira awakens from a two-week long coma to find two strangers carefully awaiting her recovery. The first is clearly from the upper echelons of Earth's government who calls himself Herodotus Fork; the second is distantly familiar to Lahira as a woman named Amber, an ambassador from the Automatons, a 'species' of alien who are fully artificial intelligences. Neither are happy to be sitting over her hospital bed.

Lahira is suspected of being involved in an unprecedented attack on an Automaton: During the Battle of Gagarin, Lahira's ship emitted a strange signal which seemed to corrupt the mind of an elder Automaton, and Amber has been assigned to levy judgment about what happened. Unfortunately for her, the chaos of the ensuing melee led to the Human receiving serious injuries: She was mentally connected to a computer system which shorted out. These injuries - along with others lurking deeper under the surface of her thoughts - have induced retrograde amnesia, meaning she cannot fully explain the events leading to her role in the brawl.

Ultimately, Lahira has to confront her actions during the Battle of Gagarin while recovering from her wounds. She can't even remember the conflicts she charged into with her top crew-mates, and digging into her recent past only brings up reasons for guilt to weigh her down, making the depths of her pain medication's buzz more and more enticing. She finds herself in theological debates with a machine who has just as much faith in God as any 25th century Human she'd ever met, in ethical arguments with spies over how wars are fought, and in romantic entanglements with those she'd never imagined she'd developed an interest in.

By the time the conspiracy unravels, the masterminds responsible for Lahira's turmoil have presented themselves, and Lahira's ship is assigned to guarantee Humanity's innocence in the attack. After finding herself to be all-too-Human, can she establish her species' friendliness to strange alien entities who appear, at least on the surface, to be vastly superior to her? How will she survive the latest round of chaos in one piece?


Coming Soon: Protostar Book 3

To be fair, as of 11/25/2018, it might not be too soon. It’s still in development!