Pillars Of The Kingdom

With its original publication in 2005, the Pillars Of The Kingdom series was my first dip into Action Fantasy. Drawing on my young experiences with Super Nintendo RPGs like Secret Of Mana, Breath of Fire 2, and Final Fantasy 6, the Kingdom of Emor came together with aspirations to give readers a thrilling fantasy series to indulge in a little escapism. With a focus on characters having to use their wits to win battles, the titular team consists of three central characters, each with their own thematic struggles. Branden Frost’s quest for revenge against the dark cult which murdered his family leads him to the brink of treason, as he’s forced to reconcile his vendetta with an unexpected reality; Clarice Saffron’s taboo love turns out to be far more than she’d bargained for, both in terms of social consternation and plain-old danger; Jacin Lancir is a young, struggling soldier moving up in the ranks only to find himself swept into something way more dangerous than he’d ever imagined encountering.

Ready for your adventure?

The Kingdom of Emor is besieged on all sides by foreign powers, ancient antagonists, and deadly cults. Are you ready to follow the Pillars of the Kingdom as they raise their arms against their enemies?

Meet the characters!

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Learn About The World Of Emor

In any Fantasy world, the ‘rules’ of life that we’re familiar with aren’t quite the same. For example, did you know that in order to produce electricity, Emor has to pay its military and private contractors to hunt down and kill lightning-elemental creatures and harvest magical Crystal from them?

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